I’m Writing a Book

Yup. A book. I’m writing it. What?!

I’ve wanted to become an author for a very long time, and if you follow me on Facebook, you probably know I love to tell funny  stories. While I’m not necessarily  a strong technical writer, I do believe I have a story to share with you all to make your hearts feel good, and I know I can make you laugh… so I’m going for it! I don’t know what in the heck is going on but I’m stumbling my way through the process.

The first thing I realized is: “Wow, I really have no idea how to write a book.” So we’re off to a good start! It’s about an anxious girl with a big opportunity to either shine or fail miserably, and she happens to messily fall in love while battling panic attacks, burnt cookies, and bad dates. I can’t wait to introduce you to her world.

I’ve been drinking hot chocolate (pretending it’s fall… please hurry, Halloween) and writing whenever I can while learning how to navigate homeschooling for the first time and keeping my real estate career where I want it to be. Shew, lawd.

I just posted an update on Youtube if you want to check it out & I’m off to show a house to some buyers tonight. I hope you’re well & soaking up every ounce of summer!



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It Feels Like Summer

Ah, sweet summertime in Kentucky. Well, almost. School is out. Toes are out. Mosquitoes are out.  We just had a huge thunderstorm yesterday (and a little bit of one today) after what felt like weeks of it barely raining on and off – best sound of the season. My garden needed the water because lord knows I’ve been a little lazy on it. Look how much it has grown so far! I actually just removed the romaine the other day because the dang aphids got to it. I need to take an updated picture because I know you all are just as invested in my leaves as I am. I love the way the lemon thyme smells!

I’m out with buyers this month and also keeping an eye out for my own family because we are thinking of possibly moving if the right opportunity comes up while mortgage rates are still low! B & I are looking for a little bit of land with trees… 2-5 acres seems to be our sweet spot, while still being close to Lexington. I would give anything to put our current house we have now on that land – I love it so much. I have a new empathy for my buyers because shew, it can feel crazy out there! I cannot imagine not having an agent if I wasn’t one and I’m not just saying that to fluff my profession’s feathers.

Okay, off to make the kids their 5th (6th? 7th?) snack of the day. Their cousin Boaz is coming up to visit (and Aunt Kin Kin always brings them Frostys) and then they’re off to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the night so B & I can have a date night, which will probably involve some house hunting. How are you spending your weekend???

Three Tea Party Essentials

Earlier this year, I began hosting semi-formal tea parties in my home as a way of connecting with friends, acting hilarious, and making some new memories and cute Instagram photos. We deemed ourselves the “Seasonal Tea Society” and talked over tea and I think the memories we created during that time will stick with me for a loooong time. We also got semi-critical of ourselves during a craft project, but I’ll mostly omit those details.

So… you want to throw a tea party? It doesn’t matter if you’re familiar with it or not (I wasn’t)! It’s something fresh to do and beats out the regular get-togethers people have come to expect. Here are my tips:

  1. Pick a theme. Alice in Wonderland, Springtime & Sunshine, or Iced Tea & BBQ are all good ones. Having a theme for your tea helps guests understand how to dress, what to expect, and gives them the heads up on if they need to bring anything. Teas can be informal or formal or anything in between. The purpose is sharing time with others, but we did all think there was something fun about dressing up. Probably because most of us usually wear work-out clothes though we’re never working out.

    Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 6.08.48 PM.png

    Spring tea setup, perhaps?

  2. Plan ahead. Places like Dollar Tree and the Target dollar spot area in front of the store have so many cute things you can use from banners and cute straws to cake stands and napkins. I also like shopping Goodwill for old tea cups and saucers (the more mismatched the better) and places like Oriental Trading if you plan to do a craft or activity. Allow yourself to spend some time on this tea party… make your guests feel really special. I even made a tea party playlist!

    We did a teapot painting craft. The teapot planters were from Oriental Trading!


  3. Serve several teas. As a Steeped Tea consultant, I can tell you that everyone’s taste is VERY different when it comes to this drink. You might want an iced version along with hot, and I would have something caffeine free available as well. Don’t forget various sweeteners – honey, Stevia, and regular sugar cubes are most popular at my house. I also like a splash of milk because in another life, I was British.

    Shop my site for loose leaf tea, they’re all so yummy!

    Now it’s time for you to do your own party! And I want to see pictures if you do! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook #homeinkentucky and maybe I’ll send a free bag of tea your way for your next get together. Enjoy & happy sipping, friends! #pinkiesup