I’m Writing a Book

Yup. A book. I’m writing it. What?!

I’ve wanted to become an author for a very long time, and if you follow me on Facebook, you probably know I love to tell funny  stories. While I’m not necessarily  a strong technical writer, I do believe I have a story to share with you all to make your hearts feel good, and I know I can make you laugh… so I’m going for it! I don’t know what in the heck is going on but I’m stumbling my way through the process.

The first thing I realized is: “Wow, I really have no idea how to write a book.” So we’re off to a good start! It’s about an anxious girl with a big opportunity to either shine or fail miserably, and she happens to messily fall in love while battling panic attacks, burnt cookies, and bad dates. I can’t wait to introduce you to her world.

I’ve been drinking hot chocolate (pretending it’s fall… please hurry, Halloween) and writing whenever I can while learning how to navigate homeschooling for the first time and keeping my real estate career where I want it to be. Shew, lawd.

I just posted an update on Youtube if you want to check it out & I’m off to show a house to some buyers tonight. I hope you’re well & soaking up every ounce of summer!



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