Do Not For Sale by Owner!

Or 3 reasons to at least think about it a little harder…

Oh, it’s tempting, isn’t it? You’re ready to sell your house, you do a little Googling, and you’re  ready to put it on the market yourself and sell it quickly – without having to pay anyone. Angels are singing as you hammer the red and white sign in your yard.

It’s a beautiful idea. And sometimes, it works. But at what cost?

There is a reason that a person with a real estate license had to sit through hours of education that included intensive state law review, the ins and outs of ownership, types of mortgages, title and deeds… there is a lot that can go wrong within real estate transactions, and we are trained (seriously, I had no clue about some of this crazy stuff going in) on how to avoid those things.

So. Here are three reasons to list your home with an agent. Cue scary Halloween music:

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 5.43.25 PM

  1. Time – For most of the people I know, time is money. I have three young children and can tell you that 8 free minutes… yeah, that’s worth about $1,000 bucks alone. Selling your house yourself will be incredibly time consuming from marketing to showing the property to retrieving the correct contracts, negotiating, and more. Do you want to leave work in the middle of the day to show your house to that eager couple asking? Or do you want me to do it for you?
  2. Network – A real estate agent has a network of people. We are good at communicating, connecting, and following up with our community. We form relationships. We “know people” even though that sounds like something the mafia would say. We know where to find buyers that will pay top dollar for quality. Homes sell faster when sold by a real estate agent.
  3. Biggest Transacation of Your Life – Just like you trust a dentist with your teeth, a licensed stylist with your hair, and a banker with your money – trust a professional with your home. You’ll want someone with skill, expert knowledge, experience with the legal process, and some personality to make the process stress-free, exciting, and quick! You eat popcorn or sip some wine while I sell your house. Deal?

Bottom Line:

Save your energy for what matters most – celebrating the journey ahead of you.


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